Madison has been doing my makeup for almost 10 years now. What sets her apart and makes her so amazing, is not only her impeccable talent, but her pure passion for this industry and ability to make people feel and look their absolute best. I have gone to her for all of the big events in my life, and for when I just want to look my best. Obviously, she is the only person I would trust to do my makeup on the most important day of my life thus far; my wedding day.

Not only did she make me feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt, but she took the time to ensure everything was absolutely perfect. Her attention to detail is incredible.  She somehow, is able to simultaneously handle the makeup of multiple people, listen to what they want and how they want to look, and make everyone look stunning at the end. Madison has this gift to make everyone look gorgeous. For my wedding in particular, she was able please my 16-year-old cousin as well as my 76-year-old grandmother (who never gets her makeup done). My grandmother said she hasn’t felt that beautiful for as long as she can remember.

This has been Madison's passion for as long as I’ve known her and I can honestly say that every single experience I have had with her has been amazing. Any time I want something fixed or changed (which is rare) she is more than willing to adjust it until it is perfect. I have since recommended her to a multitude of family and friends. She continuously does makeup for myself as well as my mom, and I know I will continue to go to her for as long as I can. She is a true talent in this business.  I can’t help but think that someone would be a little mad to go to anyone other than her. =)

-Ashley C.

Madison is a true  artist. I had my make up done by Madison for the first time for a wedding. I haven't had my make up done by a professional too many times so I was a little nervous. As soon as I sat in her chair she made me feel welcomed and comfortable, and asked to see a picture for inspiration of the look I wanted. Once she was done and I looked in the mirror, I was wonderfully surprised. She highlighted all of my features and hid the ones that make me feel self conscious. It was so naturally and beautifully done, I truly felt like a celebrity. I highly recommend Madison to do your make up for any occasion, she will make you feel beautiful and bring out confidence you didn't even know you had!

-Carly C.

I had Madison do my make up for my bridal shower (July 2017) and wedding day (Sept. 2017) and absolutely LOVED it.  I have never had my makeup professionally done and actually liked it until I met Madison.  Typically, I do not wear much makeup and tend to not like the feeling of foundation on my face.  I have really sensitive skin and was afraid of having a bad reaction.  It was also really important to me that I looked like myself on my wedding day.  Madison listened to everything that was important to me and made it all come to life.  I showed her some pictures of eye makeup and colors so she had an idea of what I envisioned and she far exceeded my expectations.  She chose the perfect colors for my skin tone (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc), added some amazing lashes (and my favorite), cheek highlighter!  She actually made me feel pretty - I've never in my life felt that way.  

Madison also did my sister, mom and four of my girlfriends makeup the day of the wedding.  She made each of them look absolutely gorgeous.  It was really important to me that my mom look and feel beautiful and Madison really delivered on that.  My mom looked sooo gorgeous.  So did my sister and all my girlfriends!!  Everyone did!  

Her technique, precision, creative eye and the sweet and bubbly person she is, made choosing MadMakeup one of the best decisions I made for my wedding!  Madison is a true artist and her personality made me love her even more!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Madison for making my makeup dreams come true!

- Deena T.

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MadMakeup was one of my most favorite vendors on my wedding day!!!! Madison is a genius and the most caring and creative human I have ever met. She was nothing but helpful and responsive since my first inquiry. Madison and I communicated over the course of several months and it was effortless. Madmakeup set up my makeup trial and even pulled a few strings to make sure I loved everything about my hair and makeup. Madison was willing to go above and beyond the typical bridal look and think of something absolutely brilliant. I mean who doesn’t love glitter and a touch of green eye liner! Everyone raved about my makeup on my wedding day and still do when they see pictures. My wedding day was flawless and I felt like a queen because of Madmakeup! I would highly highly highly recommend Madmakeup for your wedding, next event or even for a night on the town!  I know I will be booking Madison for my next big event! She is amazingggggg!  

- Allyson B..

I hired Madison for my wedding day, which included about 7 women (bridal party and mothers), after she was referred to me by one of my bridesmaids. My girls looked absolutely stunning. I had personally been struggling with problematic skin and was really nervous about how the makeup would turn out, but by the time she finished working her magic; I felt flawless. I was so impressed with Madison's professionalism, grace, and patience with all of the craziness going on. Her ability to make everyone feel so comfortable was so appreciated. In fact, we all loved her so much that one of my bridesmaids hired her a year later for her wedding and, once again, we all looked and felt fabulous.

On another personal note, I had given birth a week before this wedding and happened to have huge, hideous bruises on both of my forearms from IVs. Once again, Madison could see how self-conscious I was feeling about them and got right to work, using her magical skills to literally make them disappear. It was incredible. This woman is amazing at what she does, to say the least! I would hire her again and again!


- Alissa D.

Madison most recently did my make up for my sister's wedding and before that for my best friend's wedding. Every single person in both weddings that got their makeup done by her looked absolutely flawless. I am very picky and super particular when it comes to getting my makeup done. Normally, I have a whole list of do’s and do nots for the artist to follow. With Madison, none of that is necessary. Unlike any of the other makeup artists I have gone to in the past, Madison truly wants you to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself and that is EXACTLY what she delivers. She made it a point to ask what I preferred and disliked before starting and then recreated a better version of the pictures I showed/explanation that I gave. Her genuine and hysterical  personality coupled with her unbelievable talent made both my experiences great ones!! She truly has a gift and I  honestly could not have LOVED my makeup anymore!! I can’t say enough good things about her. I will forever be a client of MadMakeup and I have and will continue to refer any and everyone in her direction! Thank you times a million for making all of us ladies in BOTH weddings look and feel beautiful. You are incredible!!

-Danielle D

MadMakeup was the perfect option for my big day. Madison traveled for my best friend’s wedding the year before and luckily for me, she was available for my date! I booked Madmakeup for Hair & Makeup. Danielle & Madison arrived early and ready to go! We had a big bridal party, they managed their time well and had everyone done with plenty of time to spare. My matron of honor had just had a baby a week prior and had the worst bruises on her arms from the IV’s.. needless to say she was not thrilled to walk around in a dress like this! Madison came to the rescue and airbrushed the hell out of her arms and made the marks nearly invisible!

My mother and sister do not normally wear makeup, and my mother made it pretty difficult that day. Madison showed so much patience while my mother put up a fight. After Madison finished, she made my mom walk away, finish her hair and then come back to decide if she liked it or not.  When all was said and done, my mother loved the way she looked! Even my sister who never wears makeup at all because she doesn’t like cakey foundation, agreed to airbrush.  It was perfect for her, she couldn’t even feel that it was on. All of my girls, as well as myself, were very pleased with how we looked. It was natural and perfect! 

If you are looking for someone who will go above and beyond and take the time to make each member of your bridal party feel beautiful, MadMakeup is the choice for you! 

-Alyssa S.


I cannot speak more highly of Madison of MadMakeup. Not only was she extremely professional and accommodating, but her work is absolutely outstanding. She is a high caliber makeup artist to the truest extent and made me look and feel like a princess on my big day. Besides that, she was an absolute pleasure to work with and be around.

The morning of my wedding was completely stress free and all of my bridesmaids (plus my mom), loved their look. She even gave my flower girl a little glitter eye shadow and lipstick! I'm so happy that I can look back at my wedding photos (now and for years to come) and smile because of MadMakeup (well, and my husband I suppose hah!). 

-Jamie H.